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When your Vitality is Lost, Your Wealth is Lost, Symplicity Wellness Provides You with a Solution to Improve Your Vitality for a Wealthy Life!

I care about you!

Kathy Morris

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Functional Diagnostic Nutrition,  Bioenergetic Practitioner

Let me help you take the guesswork out of health concerns.


Trying to Goggle health issues and finding confusing information is not fun but frustrating.


Imagine what it would be like to finally have your vitality back.


1.  Better Sleep

2.  Energy

3.  Less Pain

4.  Less Fatigue for Exercising

5.  Inflammation reduced

6.  Gut Health

7.  Stress Reduction

8.  A Balanced Lifestyle 

We add support, change your food plan and incorporate exercise to treat the root cause of your vitality problems, including weight loss, sleep, and hormone issues, etc. The results will lead you to a happier, healthier, symptom-free life.

Mentoring & Coaching Plans

Let's start the healing journey together - at your pace, one step at a time. 


You are worth it!

     Get ready to feel great!

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This information contained in this website or provided through my blogs, emails, programs or services is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. I am not a medical health practitioner but rather I serve as a mentor/coach to help you reach your own health and wellness goals through implementing incremental, positive, healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes. 

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