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5 Secrets Every Parent Needs To Know At

Starting September 7 for (5) days Ending September 11-2020

 Let's talk about something I will be providing for FREE


It is called: (5) Secrets Every Parent Needs to Know at the Start of This School Season / 5-day challenge.

Parents today are making so many decisions with their kids going back to school full-time, part-time, or learning from home. So, there is a lot of stress and unbalancing happening within the core family.

We will be working together are going to investigate and learn new ways to help reduce and/or avoid concerns in these areas, ideas that will help you modify the stress factors,

For example:

  • What are stress and the effects of it on your body

  • Coping mechanisms designed to deal with stress

  • Managing time during this stressful time - figuring out the best time to do everything, especially if you are working from home too.

  • Techniques you do to reduce stress or even one of your children

  • Plus, other types of modalities dealing with stress management

This challenge will be held over (5) days with each day talking about a new topic.  If you prefer to join the Facebook group - Learning to be Healthy Thrive Group; which is a private group, the videos will be host there along with Zoom.  

- So if you know of anyone else that this free training would benefit, invite them to join.

Let me know if you have any questions. I hope you can join us - I'm getting excited!

Feel Free To Book A Discovery Call, to find out where your Healthy Journey begins:

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