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You Can Still Eat Healthy Around the Campfire

With so many outside activities to enjoy in the sunshine, it can be hard to let summer go.

There's still plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors before the cold really settles in, and one of my absolute favorites growing up and RV-ing in my adult years was to enjoy the cool weather and camping.

As you get ready to pack up for a big camping trip, you might be wondering how you can make delicious and healthy meals while in the great outdoors. Camping can indeed present some challenges for preparing tasty meals, but here are some great ideas to make every camper in your family a happy one!

Foil packets over the fire

One delicious way to make a healthy meal while camping is to pre-pack foil packets of food that you can lay flat in your cooler. Just use your favorite healthy food items, then add your favorite seasonings and olive oil. Seal them up tight and then throw them over the fire when you're ready. Be very careful when opening them because of the escaping steam, it can present a burn hazard.

Pineapple chicken skewers:

The prep is too easy on this one! Merely skewer chicken and pineapple together and stash them in zipper bags of teriyaki marinade. Take along lettuce for wrapping along with any other fun bits like crushed nuts to add a fun texture.

Chickpea salad:

Mix tahini with a can of chickpeas and you have a healthy on-the-go salad that everyone will goggle up. Chickpeas are packed with protein and antioxidants too so they'll help fuel your outdoor adventures!