5 Whys to Liven Up Leftovers that Make You Actually Excited to Eat Them

You had the best intentions of using up those leftovers from the weekend. At first, your Meal Prep Sunday seemed like a dream idea. You'd prep food for the week, have it all stored and ready, and you'd have a home cooked meal very day without much effort. But by day #3 of it, your family is giving you the side-eye, and you can no longer bear to eat the same dish again.

I feel you. It happens to us all. We all want to make use of our leftovers, but we get bored, and food goes to waste instead. Instead of forcing yourself and your family to eat the same things day in and day out, try these leftover tips that will help you liven thing up and reignite the spark that makes you excited to dig in.

1. Add avocado

Leftover brown rice and sauteed veggies? Eh. Leftover brown rice and sauteed veggies with fresh avocado? Now you're talking! Drizzle on some sriracha too for a spicy hit and face-lift on your leftovers..

2. Add some crunch

Sometimes, we just needs more texture to make things interesting. Adding a crunch to your meal can spice it up quite a bit. Try adding it to your leftovers any way that makes sense. Look in your pantry for walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almond slivers or anything else that might add a crunch along with a nice dose of healthy fats that are good for you, too. I even love having crispy onions or crispy jalapenos atop a salad when I want something difference.

3. Top on some greens

Or even layer them below. Sometimes that leftover shrimp tastes excellent warmed up over a bed of fresh kale, spinach or lettuce. Or you can make some quick brown rice or zucchini noodles and mix it all together to create a new dish that tastes like takeout without the cost (or the heaps of calories)

4. Reheat it on the stove

A fresh re-preparation tends to bridge the gap of meh to marvelous, doesn't it? The microwave can zap the freshness right out of your food, so skip the microwave when warming up leftovers. Toss your items in a pan and saute it fresh with a teaspoon of olive oil. Add some new, fresh herbs and spices, and you'll have to remind yourself you're eating leftovers.

5. Try a new condiment

Salsa and sriracha can each help dress up leftovers. If your refrigerator looks anything like mine, you shelves are lined with different condiments and sauces to choose from. Experiment with them to create new dishes by adding a few drops of different flavor. It can make all the difference and completely change the taste of your meal.

Give these a try and see if you're making better use of your leftovers. Remember to freeze big meals so you can pull them out another time to make on a busy night. You'll appreciate them better when you do!

So, spill the beans. Are you a leftover person or do you struggle with eating the same meal twice? Let us know or hit reply.

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Recipe (Slow Cooker) Rotisserie Chicken

4 lbs Whole Roasting Chicken

1 tbsp Sea Salt

2 tsps Paprika

1 tsp Onion Powder

1 tsp Dried Thyme

1 tsp Italian Seasoning

1/2 tsp Cayenne Pepper

1 tsp Black Pepper

2 Sweet Potatoes (diced into 1 inch cubes)

4 cups Brussels Sprouts (halved and trimmed)

1 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Or others vegetables you may like!

1. Rinse chicken and pat dry with paper towels. Remove innards of chicken if not already done. Crumple up sheets of tinfoil to create 6 to 8 round balls (about the size of a golf ball). Place in the bottom of the slow cooker. This helps to prevent the chicken from sticking to the bottom, cooks more evenly and keeps it moist.

2. Rub the inside of the your slow cooker with a bit of olive or coconut oil to make it non-stick.

3. In a bowl, combine the sea salt, paprika, onion powder, thyme, Italian seasoning, cayenne pepper and black pepper. Rub this spice mix evenly all over the chicken (inside and out).

4. Place chicken (breast side up) in the slow cooker on top of the foil. Cook 4 -5 hours on high or 8-9 hours on low (aim for 1.5 hours per pound). If you have a meat thermometer, the chicken will be perfect when it has an internal temperature of 165 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, you can check that it is cooked through just by making a slit in it and make sure it is no longer pink at the bone.

5. One hour before you are ready to eat, preheat oven to 415. Add chopped sweet potato and brussels sprouts to large mixing bowl. Add olive oil and season with sea salt and pepper. Toss well. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and spread the vegetables across evenly. Roast in the oven for 30 minutes.

6. Remove vegetables from oven and increase heat to 450. Line a pan with foil. Ensure chicken is cooked through then transfer it to the foil-lined pan. Place chicken in the oven for 10 minutes to make it crispy.

7. Remove from oven and carve the chicken. Plate chicken with roasted sweet potato and brussels sprouts. Enjoy!

Note: Save the carcass - make your Immunity Bone Broth.

For AIP -friendly meal - omit the black pepper and cayenne

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