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3 Simple, Healthy Hormone Hacks

It’s that time of year again - Summer, kids getting out of school, vacations, and holidays!

These can all wreak havoc on your hormones as you tend to focus SO much on giving to others this time of year and not so much on giving to yourself as you run around getting everything organized.

By the end of it all, I bet you usually feel wiped out and wondering why you feel so fat, tired, and sick all the time - it’s because your hormones took a hit!

Here’s a sneak peek of things you can do to help yourself: starting today…

1 - Fill Up With Fat

This likely sounds counterintuitive, but trust me, it’s not when it comes to your hormones, energy levels, and kicking cravings!

To make hormones, it needs you to eat healthy dietary fats that are broken down into LDL and cholesterol to make hormones along with other nutrients such as B vitamins. Yep, you heard me right. LDL and cholesterol are actually necessary to make hormones. They get a bad rap, but they are not bad for you if sourced healthily.

Filling up with healthy fats can also help balance your blood sugar for longer-lasting energy, reduce inflammation, and kick cravings.

So, what kinds of healthy fats should you indulge in during these stressful times!

● Avocado on its own, as guacamole or as an oil

● Full fat coconut milk in your coffee, tea, and/or smoothies

● Organic, nitrate-free, and gluten-free bacon

● Cold-Pressed and organic olive or coconut oil in cooked or baked goods

● Grass-fed ghee instead of butter (less inflammatory)

● Fatty cuts of organic and pasture-raised meats and eggs

One of my favorite fat-bomb beverages is a matcha latte with full-fat coconut milk and vanilla bean ghee. This keeps me feeling full and energized for 5 hours or more!

I always fill up on fat before I hit the road. Or aim to eat the fattiest snacks while I’m there, to keep my hormones happy and my hunger under control.

Focus on filling up healthy fats at least once a day and noticing how it makes you feel more full, more energized, and craving-free.


2 - Breathe Deeply

This time of year, we are in constant movement - planning, working, shopping, traveling, cooking, cleaning, and socializing. While all of that is necessary, and some of it is fun, it does take a toll on our hormonal health.

Constant movement triggers our sympathetic nervous system and elicits a stress response in the body, aka the fight or flight response. In a stressed state, our body uses a lot of valuable hormonal resources. Cortisol is one of the primary hormones at play but not the only one impacted negatively.

In fight or flight mode, our body directs all of its valuable resources outward for quick thinking and quick-moving, leaving little resources left for the rest of the critical functions in our body to take place to keep our health in line.

BUT there is something you can do that takes 2 minutes or less to snap yourself out of this reactive place and quickly into more of a relaxation mode so your hormones can come back into balance and your body can heal from all its work.

Deep Breathing.

It’s as simple as that. When we adopt the deep, rhythmic breathing patterns of a relaxed person, we can automatically and instantly flip the switch from being in fight or flight mode into a more relaxed state.

Try this ten times…

● Inhale for a count of 5

● Hold the breath for a count of 5

● Exhale for a count of 7

You can use this simple breathing technique anytime you notice yourself moving too fast or when you’ve gone a long time without taking a break to bring cortisol and other hormones back into balance instantly.

I often do this once in the morning, afternoon, and before bed. Set the alarm on your phone to remind you to stop at least once a day this season to breathe deeply and promote hormone balance.


3 - Go Green

During the frantic schedules, inflammation is on the rise as we indulge in different foods or beverages that might have a more inflammatory effect on the body from toxins we encounter while traveling. As a result of any mental or emotional stress, we might experience this time of year.

Inflammation is at the root of all hormone dysfunction or any chronic disease. It drives cortisol out of rhythm, creating a negative domino effect on other hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and thyroid. And over time, chronic inflammation, even at low-grade levels, can overwhelm the immune system, kicking it into overdrive and eventually leading to autoimmunity or other chronic conditions.

Sure, you’re going to indulge, it is the vacation, summer, family times, and you can’t always control your exposure to toxins or the need to travel, but there are things you can do daily to calm down the inflammatory fire.

To help you reduce inflammation daily - GO GREEN!

One cup of green tea has an abundance of anti-inflammatory effects that can positively impact your hormones and even your gut health. EGCG is the active ingredient in green tea, which modulates genes to produce an anti-inflammatory effect.

To keep that inflammation fire contained, aim to incorporate a cup of green tea daily during these times.

This is such an easy task! You can grab a cup of green tea almost anywhere while on the road or in an airport, or pack your favorite green tea brand to always have with you. It’s the perfect drink to start your day or keep you warm when the cool evening set in.

As I mentioned in tip 1, when talking about filling up with fats to keep your hormones healthy, one of my favorite fat bomb beverages is a matcha latte with full-fat coconut milk and 2 teaspoons of vanilla bean ghee. This keeps me feeling full and energized for at least 4 hours, plus it has all the added anti-inflammatory benefits.

Go with green tea this season to keep that inflammation under control for healthy hormones.

Let me know how I can support you more in achieving your health goals......

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Here's to you achieving your health goals this year!

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