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5 Tips on How to Eat Healthy When You're in the Airport

The summer travel months are in full swing -- the interstates are more crowded than usual, and the airports are packed with eager travelers off to their summer destinations. With the extra crowds, you're probably finding yourself getting to the airport several hours before take-off to allow enough time for check-in. With all the additional downtime, you'll likely be finding yourself ready for snack or even a meal before you journey on the your next destination.

Here are a few of my favorite tricks on healthy things you can find at the airport, whether you're on a layover, delayed, or are just famished from your travels!

Bring healthy snacks from home

They might have restrictions on liquids, but you can bring foods from home, and I think a large number of people don't realize this. Healthy snacks that satisfy are snap peas and mandarins, both easy to take along anywhere. Nuts are also a good choice, though check with your airline as some may be restrictions due to nut allergies. Dried fruits without added sugar are another great snacking idea. These nutritious and delicious snacks can keep you fueled up until you get to your destination.

Indulge in dark chocolate

When you;re delayed, and you desperately want something sweet to snack on, head to one of the convenience store and grab a bar of dark chocolate. You'll not only be treating yourself, but you'll also be getting a bounty of antioxidants. Be sure to choose a bar that's at least 70% coca to make it as natural as possible.