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5 Ways to Simplify Your Eating

We have been introduced to more diets and types of eating than we can count on both hands in our lifetime. It seems as if there is a new fad to learn about every few months and explore if it's "the one" for us. The truth is, though, these diets set us up for failure, and that's precisely why they never pan out the way we hope.

There's a silver lining, though -- it's actually way more simple than we are making it. The results we're looking for come when we simplify our eating habits and focus on fueling our bodies with nutrient-dense foods that make us feel good.

Here are five tips for simplifying your eating habits:

Eat more raw, whole foods.

Eating more food in its most natural state is a great way to cut some time and stress from our mealtimes. For example, grab a piece of fruit on the way out the door instead of breakfast from the coffee shop. Add some fresh veggies as a side at lunch instead of packing chips. Toss everything in a bowl to create a big salad for dinner instead of a complicated recipe or take-out