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7 Practical Tips to Give Your Life a Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning isn't just for the home and physical space we occupy. You can also take that same idea and bring it into your entire life -- your mental space, your energy, your thoughts, and more. Infusing the exciting rebirth of spring into all areas of your life leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated for the new season. Here are a few practical ways you can do this.

1. Start with the physical realm

To give your mental space a little spring cleaning, you need your surroundings to feel clean and fresh again. Clearing away the clutter surrounding you will give your mind a big sigh of relief. It's incredible how much mental space our surroundings occupy. Remove things you don't like, repair anything broken, and add something fresh like some new houseplants or flowers to refresh your spirit.

2. Enjoy the outdoors

As we've been cooped up inside throughout the colder months, the warmer weather is a welcome change. Take advantage of the sunshine and spend some time outdoors. Explore a hiking trail in your area, go for a walk by the river, or enjoy an audiobook as you spend some time walking at your favorite local park.

3. Clear your mind of negative energy

Spring is the perfect time to give your energy a refresh, as well. Evaluate what's been consuming your thoughts, and find any negative recurring thoughts that you can be mindful of working on this season. It can take some time, but actively working to flip negative thoughts into positive ones is time well spent. This isn't to say positivity is the only way -- feelings are valid and shouldn't be suppressed. But we can easily flip many recurring thoughts we have daily to a sunnier perspective.