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7 Ways I Waste Less Food in The Kitchen

Can you recall when you last gave your fridge a good deep cleaning? There's something so freeing about a sparkling clean refrigerator, and starting at the beginning of a new year is a perfect time to tackle this task.

As you're sifting through your old condiments and leftovers to toss them out, you may be realizing how much waste is going in the trash. We all deal with this, but I've found some helpful tips to lower waste in the kitchen I'd love to share with you today.

What better way to make a change than by changing your habits to stop wasting food? As a wonderful side bonus, you'll save money too. Here's how I do this in my own kitchen.

1. Only buy what's needed

Always arm yourself with a list before going grocery shopping. Don't just wing it, or you will wind up impulsively buying far more than necessary. If it's impractical to buy only a few things for your large family, then properly store bulk items, so they last. It might take some extra time initially, but it will save you money and keep you from wasting quality food.

2. Choose recipes that use what you have