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Stressed with School Starting, Join Me For This Free Training

Parents are making so many decisions with their kids going back to school full-time, part-time, or learning from home. So, there is a lot of stress and unbalancing happening within the core family.

So, we together are going to investigate and learn new ways to help reduce and/or avoid concerns in these areas and discuss ideas that will help you modify the stress factors.

For example:

  1. What is stress and the effects it has on your body

  2. Coping mechanisms designed to deal with stress

  3. Managing time during this stressful time - figuring out the best time to do everything, especially if you are working from home too.

  4. Techniques you do to reduce stress or even one of your children

  5. Plus, other types of modalities dealing with stress management

This free live event will take place within my private Facebook Group, to join this wonderful event, click on the link below:

This will take place from September 7 -11; 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm. In the event that you miss this scheduled time, as long as you join this group the recording will be available.

These changes during this new school year are going to be very interesting and maybe stressful, so please consider joining me for this event and invite your friends and family.

Top 7 Fruits and Veggies to Buy Frozen

It's a fact that most people don't eat as many servings of fruits and vegetables as they should. While you try to keep your fridge and fruit bowl brimming with fresh produce options, don't forget about your freezer. It's one of the best places to stash frozen fruits and vegetables, which can have bountiful nutritional value, as their fresh counterparts.

Whether you can't find your favorites fresh because they're out of season or they're too expensive, try looking for these seven frozen fruits and veggies to stock in your freezer instead.

1. Broccoli ( a great natural detoxer)

When broccoli is on your shopping list, but a fresh crown is $3, head to the freezer section. Broccoli when frozen retains its nutrients, losing less ascorbic acid in your freezer than it does when waiting for you in your fridge. Steam it for a quick side dish, make stir-fry, or top it on a fresh-made pizza. Soups, frittatas, and pasta dishes are other great ways to use frozen broccoli.

2. Peas

They're not just a handy icepack when you have a bruise or sprain. Frozen peas are a fantastic addition to your meals and far easier to work than fresh peas. They still retain their initial nutrients, too, hosting more beta-carotene than fresh or canned versions. Steam or thaw them first before you add them to your dishes. They go great in a brown rice bowl, are perfect for salads and pasta, and make a great soup with peas thrown in.

3. Spinach

Fresh spinach takes time to wash. In the freezer, it's ready to go and even has more beta-carotene than raw spinach. It's an easy sided dish for a busy night all not it's own, but feel free to get creative with soups, pasta, curries, dips, or even on top of white pizza.

4. Organic Berries

Berries are marvelous super-fruits, but they are always ranked as dirties by the EWG. Organic is best, but buying them fresh can really add up. When you purchase organic berries frozen, though, you can have the best of both worlds. Buy a mix or buy one type of organic berry, and you can make wonderful smoothies, top off your coconut yogurt, or use them in healthy desserts.

5. Peaches

Peaches still retain phenolic compounds when frozen, and they still taste just as amazing. Thaw them out to put on your coconut yogurt, puree into a healthy pudding, or add to salads with walnuts and goat cheese.

6. Carrots

Although carrots are usually plentiful and inexpensive, they are more nutritious than fresh carrots. They store so well, too, that if you have a crazy week and have no veggies on hand, you'll have carrots ready for a side dish.

7. Bell Peppers

There are more vitamin C and antioxidants in frozen bell peppers. Plus, they can be used to make a stir-fry or fajitas in a pinch, no slicing or dicing required. With these frozen produce items on hand, you'll always have access to making healthy and nutritious meals, even when your fridge and cabinets are going bare.

Let me help you connect the dots in your health concerns, whether it deals with hormones, gut health, thyroid, adrenal, food sensitivities, or autoimmune.

What questions do you have?

Connect with my now to start improving your health today, just click on the picture below, "so let's get started".

You can find me at the following:

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