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A One Day Menu Plan for Simple, Healthy Food Ideas

Have you ever wondered what a Health Coach eats in a day? It's one thing to stock up on healthy recipe books that line your kitchen counters (and collect dust) or to have a Pinterest board of recipes bursting at the seams -- but seeing how easily it can be integrated into your busy, everyday life is what makes lasting change seem doable. Planning is simple, but taking action takes a bit more commitment and can be more difficult to do.

I get asked often what I eat in my everyday life and how I make it simple enough to easily integrate it into a busy day without a lot of extra prep time. today, I"m going to share with you what I eat in a day and how easy it is to eat foods that nourish you without spending hours in the kitchen prepping.

In a typical day, may breakfast is... A smoothie containing - Greens (spinach), 1/2 banana, a few berries (what is in season), plant protein with mushrooms.

My lunch is ...depends on the season - could be a summer minestrone soup or a fresh organic salad with avocado or left over from the evening meal.

My dinner is ... a creamy lemon chicken pasta with seasonal veggies.

My snacks are (walnuts, pumpkin seeds, organic jerky, a piece of fruits