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Cooking Slump? Let's Talk About Getting Over This!

This last year has rejuvenated a love for our kitchens, which is evident with the viral sourdough craze and the necessity of cooking at home more during the stay-at-home orders we walked through together. However, as things are opening back up, the cooking fatigue has set in, and the last thing we feel like doing is cooking three meals a day. Here are some ways to deal with cooking fatigue so you can continue to make delicious and healthy meals at home.

When you feel burnt out from work, you take a break. The same goes with cooking -- when you feel exhausted from constant cooking, take a short break. Order some Doordash from your favorite restaurant, or ask someone else in your home to cook for a week or two. Allow yourself to take a break and come back inspired to cook and try some new recipes. Ordering from restaurants every once in a while will also help small businesses, which is especially important as we are all recovering from the last year.