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Debunking the "Healthy Food Is More Expensive" - Myth

There are countless reasons I hear for not eating healthy foods -- a hectic day at work, no time to shop at the supermarket, not sure how to cook healthier meals, or even not being able to afford healthy food options. These are real concern, and with a few tweaks and understanding, you can soon realize these are quite easy to fix. And best of all--healthy foods does NOT have to be more expensive. Most of the time, it's actually the least costly option.

The US Department of Agriculture even took it to heart to show those on a budget how making healthier choices with food is not more expensive. In the study, things like carrots and pinto beans are much less expensive per portion that things like ice cream and sweet rolls.

Foods that are high in protein, saturated fat, added sugars, and sodium all clocked in as being more expensive than vegetables, fruit, and grains. So that myth about healthier foods being too expensive is not officially busted. Great news, right?

If you've been making these same justifications, there is no better time than right now to explore healthier options at your supermarket. No time? Order it online. Even if you can't afford a delivery service, many supermarkets offer the choice to simply pick it up at your convenience at no additional charge.

Plus, it may even help you avoid impulse purchases for junk food. Let's face it.. it's tasty, but it's not healthy. Need some help eating better on a budget? Follow these tips!

Budget for meat and fish

Lean meats and fish will always fetch the larger cost in your cart. Look for sales to stock up and freeze it for later use, or factor in