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Healthy Backyard Barbecue Meal Options for July 4, Gatherings

Dinning outside on a warm summer night is one of my favorite parts of the season -- from picnics at the park to big backyard barbecue gatherings, many memories are mad as we gather around table to enjoy a meal alfresco.

Unfortunately, much of what we put out on the grill isn't so good for us. If you're looking to host an outdoor barbecue with healthier options than the typical hot dogs, hamburger, and ribs -- take a look below for some tasty yet healthy suggestions.

Marinated grill chicken or tofu

Undeniably, grilled chicken/tofu is a healthy choice. All you need is a great marinade, and you're all set. With so many different marinades to choose from and various herbs to combine for different flavors, you won't get bored with this option.

Grilled veggie sandwiches

Even if you regularly fill your plate with veggies, nothing stands out better than the grilled variety. Grab Portobellow mushrooms, zucchini, eggplant, and bell peppers and roast them over the open flame. A little misting of olive oil will keep them from sticking without making them soggy. then, top them on whole grain wrap or bun for a satisfying meal.

Turkey or Veggie Burgers

Instead of ground beef, make your burgers with ground turkey. They taste much lighter and won't leave you dragging afterward Or you can opt of for a veggie burger if you want a meat-free option. Homemade black bean burgers are a big hit in my house!