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Healthy tips for traveling this summer

Summer is here, and there is nothing more exciting than planning a little getaway or traveling somewhere. Traveling is a time to enjoy yourself, take a break from your usual routine, and make lifelong memories. While everything is fine in moderation and it’s important to enjoy yourself, there are simple things that you can do to stay healthy even when you travel. Here are some tips for staying healthy while traveling this summer.

Explore by foot or on a bike. Wherever you travel this summer, there will be plenty of sights to see and places to explore. Instead of driving or taking a bus, try walking around the city and exploring on foot. If the city is bike-friendly, you can rent a bicycle and explore even more that way. Sometimes, this is the best way to discover new places, and you’ll be getting some exercise while you’re at it.

If the place you’re traveling to isn’t very walkable or if you’ve decided to have a relaxing day, try to fit in a workout in the morning. There are plenty of quick 5- or 10-minute exercises that you can do on your floor with no equipment. Working out in the morning is best when you’re traveling because you can get it out of the way and enjoy the rest of your day.

Stock up on some healthy food staples. Whether you’re staying in a short-term rental with a full kitchen or a tiny hotel room, you can always keep some basic healthy foods in your room. Hotel rooms usually have a mini-fridge where you can at least store some fresh fruits or pre-made salads. If not, bananas, apples, and oranges don’t need refrigeration and make healthy snacks. Some other food staples are nut butter, trail mix or protein bars, and quick oats. All hotel rooms typically come with a kettle, so you can easily make healthy oatmeal with fruits and nuts for breakfast. Try to make at least one of your meals healthy each day. You could also aim to always carry some healthy snacks with you in your bag.

Stay hydrated throughout the day. Carry a reusable water bottle with you wherever you go. If the place you’re traveling to doesn’t have drinkable tap water, you may have to buy water bottles. At the very least, remember to order a