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Holiday Meal Tweaks for Added Health Benefits

I want to permit you to approach the holidays without that "all-or-nothing" mindset I observe so often, especially during this time of year. It seems to either fall under "I"ll wait until January to get things under wraps -- so I'll throw all caution to the wind for now!" or an alternative strict, rigid approach where you feel restricted and unable to enjoy what you want to enjoy during the holiday season.

After all, it's only once a year we get Grandma's famous pecan pie, and there's no need to waste the chance to enjoy it. I personally subscribe to a balanced approach to life, making healthy decisions sprinkled in with indulgences. I also use tricks and tweaks to make typically "unhealthy" choices more healthy, which I'm going to share with you today.

Be selective about sweets

You don't want to miss out on the festive treats you wait all year to enjoy, nor should you. You can take a balanced approach by selecting your absolute favorite dessert to enjoy after your meal or take a small sliver of a few to have small tastes of each. You can also make your own healthier treats with natural ingredients that have all the sugars lurking in them -- your friends and family won't even know.

Counter treats with healthy snacks

Cut up some fresh veggies and enjoy them with hummus or another healthy dip. You'll fill up on the right foods when you're hungry and won't have the appetite to fill up junkier items that will level you feeling sluggish.

Add fermented foods