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Holiday Stress and How to Combat them with Essential Oils

Even if you love the holiday season and look forward to it every year, I think we can both agree that added stress is a part of the package, especially this year. Perhaps the pressure is travel-related, relative-related, schedule-related, or something else (virus) among a long list of common stressors. Whatever it is that is stressing you out --- essential oils could be the answer to helping you handle the holiday stress this year and beyond.

Here are a few of my favorite uplifting aromas to relieve stress quickly.

Essential oils for traveling

Are you driving for hours in a car full of kids? Do you have plans to fly across the country? There's an essential oil for that to keep you calm and anxiety-free. Lavender is a know calming essential oil, though if you combine it with earthy vetiver, you'll be on track for soothing your fears and apprehensions.

Essential oils for arrival

So now you're there, and you're feeling that unease of where to go next. Maybe you're trying to find your luggage. Perhaps you're trying to find a cab. Whatever the case, try using something woodsy, as this will keep you more grounded. Think spruce, cedarwood, or frankincense. Put a few drops in the palm of your hand and rub your hand together. The heat from your body will keep releasing the scent, which will keep you feeling more at home even when you're miles and miles away from it.

Essential oils for winter skin