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How to Organize Your Kitchen For Less Overwhelm

How often have you felt like a pantry staple you swore you just bought somehow vanished into thin air? You may even have a few condiments in your fridge that expired ages ago. The next time you're hunting for your Tupperware lids and feeling frustrated with the disarray, commit to doing a kitchen detox to get things in order.

While it can look like a daunting task, these tips will undoubtedly help you get your kitchen looking superb in no time.

1. Get rid of nonessentials

Do you have a toaster oven you never use? Dishes that are chipped? Seasonings you've never tried? For the things, you may use once in a blue moon, like just during the holidays, store them elsewhere (garage, attic, or basement). The items that you don't ever use anymore can be donated. You can toss out anything beyond its lifespan.

2. Scrub it down

After going through every cabinet and your fridge, scrub it all down. It will feel like a whole new home when you do. You can break this task up over a week or two to make it less overwhelming. For example, on Monday, you can wipe down all of your cabinets. On Tuesday, tackle that refrigerator shelves. Create a schedule that's doable for you so you won't procrastinate.

3. Make a plan for your kitchen storage

Now that it's all clean, don't just shove everything back the way it was. Make a plan and define your kitchen zones. This way, you'll know where