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Let's Make Your Wellness Non-Negotiable For Mother's Day

One way to make sure your goals are realized is to make sure you have a plan -- you have to know what your destination is to know what path will get you there.

I find it helpful to have some non-negotiables built into my wellness goals when mapping out my wellness plans. These non-negotiables are the most important goals to focus on first – I like to think of them as anchors. Other goals spring from these, but these are strong foundations to build upon.

So what does a no-fail blueprint for living an active life with better choices look like? Here are some pointers to get you off to a solid start and keep you on track.

Find a system for prep.

It doesn’t have to be a full-on weekly meal prep where you spend hours on Sunday afternoon shopping, cooking, and divvying up portions. But knowing what you enjoy eating that hits your food goals while also keeping and traveling well can go a long way in sticking with a healthy eating plan. Focus on getting a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables mixed with lean protein, healthy fat, and a few complex carbs. Create a running list of recipes you can rotate to have a good home base of ideas without getting stuck in a recipe rut.

Move every day.

You’d be surprised what thirty minutes of movement can do for physical and mental health. I know that it can be a hard habit to get into (especially during those cold, grey days), but once you do, it’s hard to go back. Keeping it fresh by changing things up to help, too -- try a new walking path or route for your run, sign up for a new class at the gym you attend, and stretching or meditating at home on a low-energy day can make a big difference in mood.

Get in a sleep routine.

If there is one thing that can throw everything else out of whack, it is a non-existent sleep routine. Sleep is truly the foundation of everything else, so giving proper attention to creating positive habits is necessary. Map out your ideal nighttime routine and begin implementing those things. If this seems too tall an order, start with eight hours of rest. Then slowly work up to adding items like a hot bath, a cup of herbal tea, journaling or reading, etc.

Be careful with too many restrictions.

Giving ourselves too many restrictions right off the bat can often lead to burnout, leading to an increased chance of quitting those habits that we were beginning to form. Instead, give yourself more grace and acceptance, knowing that the end goal is to do things that support both the body and mind--not one at the cost of the other. This means we do not beat ourselves up to stay on a healthy eating plan. Both are equally important.

And above all else, remember that life is fluid. Priorities may change, and it’s our goal to roll with the punches while still putting our health first.

Can Changing What You Eat Change Your Life?

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