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Meal Planning for Busy Weeks

You likely have some time carved out on the weekends to plan for the coming week -- the grocery list, your upcoming errands, housework, and appointments. No matter how much we plan, though, sometimes an unexpected turn of events can derail our day and throw us off track.

And then sometimes, even with the best intentions, the weekend planning session doesn't work out, and we begin the week without our detailed plan of action. Specifically, when meals aren't planned out for the week ahead, this can lead to a drive-thru-filled week as we grab for quick and easy options when we run out of time.

That's what inspired me to create what I like to call an Emergency Meal Plan.

First, start by making a list of your favorite easy meals. This includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Add it to the list if you like it, and it's simple to throw together. Once you have a list of your favorite meals to draw from, you can begin to plan. Plugin a few meals (let's say Monday and Wednesday) and then a corresponding meal (on Tuesday and Thursday) that can make use of the leftover ingredients.

Second, make a grocery list once you have your meal plan in place. This includes everything you need to make each meal. Be sure to add a few easy grab-and-go snacks, as well. By keeping a pre-made grocery list on hand, you'll be much more likely to run by the store at the beginning of the week. It'll also be much quicker moving throughout the store. And these days, with options like grocery pick up and delivery, it's as simple as submitting an order.

After a few months of diligently sticking to a meal plan, you'll be thrilled to have a folder that lists your favorite meals and snacks on one side, and an array of delicious, healthy, and easy meal plans with grocery lists on the other side. Mix it up by swapping meals with a friend or planning to have take-out on a hectic evening.

It can feel like all we do is a plan, cook, put it away, clean up… and then do it all over again. But I have found that I can streamline the entire process with a little planning so that I actually look forward to mealtimes. By spending more time in the kitchen and less time in the car grabbing take-out, I feel better mentally, physically and my stress levels decrease dramatically.

There are so many easy hacks that you can incorporate into each day. These small things add up to big results when it comes to the way we experience and get to enjoy our lives. You might be surprised how adding a few things can dramatically change the flow of your day.

We talked about tiny hacks, and I use a tracking system daily

, what do you use for tracking? I will share what I used to take care of to my primary goals in life. Every day I write down three plus tasks that will get me closer to my goals. My goal is to take action every day that is deliberately intended to bring me to the top of my life goals, whether it is (Family, Finances, Fitness, Fun, Field, Faith, or Friends).

For example:

  1. Hit the gym or walk, do yoga, etc.

  2. Call a prospective client

  3. Do my monthly budgeting

  4. Finish a program I am developing for health and wellness.

To make it easy and fun to tackle important tasks, I use an app called Oola. So when I accomplish each task, I swipe and tap complete the task off my list and congratulate myself for staying dedicated to my goals. Plus, I have committed Oola friends who support and keep me on track.

One of the ways I teach my clients is you must accomplish small steps every day is to replace your habits - those things you do on auto-pilot - with better habits that will get you to your goals.

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