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Simple Swap to make for Heart Health

Keeping your heart healthy can go a long way toward enjoying years of good health. One of the easiest ways to get it on track is by making simple heart-healthy swaps in your meals. Here are some practical tips to help you hack your meals to make the most of your nutrition and put your heart and mind at ease.

Swap refined carbs with whole grains

Whole grains contain fiber which lowers LDL cholesterol, commonly known as the wrong type. Fiber takes longer for the body to digest, so you will feel full longer than you would if you eat refined carbs. Swap out white bread with whole wheat, choose oatmeal instead of corn flakes, and make brown rice your carb for balance in your meals.

Switch out beef

Choose fish, chicken, or turkey, and keep beef at a minimum. For a meatless way to replace beef, go with lentils and other beans, which have the added benefit of more fiber for filling you up.

Bake or broil rather than fry

You can try a simple swap: swap out fried foods for baked or broiled. You'll notice that baked and broiled foods taste better than fried ones, so this isn't a hard swap to stick to!

Swap salt with spices

Too much salt can cause issues. The spices in your spice rack are a far superior way to add flavor and nutrients without adding more salt. Make sure that spice blends do not contain sodium as they can cause blood pressure to rise to unhealthy levels.

Choose nuts over chips.

If it's something crunchy you seek for a snack, choose nuts instead of going for chips. Nuts give you more fiber as well as unsaturated fat. Measure out some snack-sized servings of nuts to keep in your pantry for easy access.

Satisfy sweetness with fruit

Choose fruit over processed sugary treats when you feel like having something sweet. Fruit satisfies your sweet tooth and has fiber, so you'll wind up feeling more satisfied when you make this healthy food swap.

Use avocado rather than mayo

Avocados are a heart-healthy swap you can use on your sandwiches. Instead of mayonnaise, mash up an avocado and smear it onto your whole wheat bread or wrap. It will add more flavor and nutrition while keeping your chosen bread from feeling too dry.

Infuse water instead of drinking soda

Infusing water with lemon, cucumber, or herbs like mint gives it a delicious flavor and more nutrients. Choose to drink this over soda and other sugary drinks to keep your heart in good health

By making these swaps, you'll be taking small steps to achieve big results with the health of your heart.

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