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Stress Free Holidays Naturally to Survive the Holidays

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Even if you love the holidays and await them all year long -- we can all agree there's a significant uptick in stress during this season. Your schedule is bombarded with visits from family and friends, work events, social events, and family outings, to name a few. Traffic is more hectic than usual, stores are packed, and it can be quite simple to let it send you into overwhelm. The most wonderful time of the year comes with a price that goes beyond the extra calories and frantic holiday shopping.

Let this year be different. Putting a focus on lowering stress can help you enjoy the season without the added pressure. Taking a natural approach to stress through the ancient tradition of Ayurveda might hold the key for surviving the holiday season this year and beyond. Here are some way to make it through to the New Year with naturally-effective stress-busting solutions.

1. Try drinking hot water

In Ayurvedic practices, hot water is recommended for digestive health. We need to pay a little extra attention to our digestive system with all the holiday meals going around. Whether you have hot water or tea doing so 30 minutes to one hour after eating helps you balance out your indulgences.

2. Choose warming spices

Maybe that slice of pumpkin pie full of nutmeg and cinnamon is't such a bad idea. As it turns out, eating more warming spices like those plus cloves, ginger, cardamom, an turmeric help in keeping balanced. They're great for restoring a good mood and can help your joint pains feel better too.