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Stress is Anything That Places a Burben on the Body

When buying products or gifts this Holiday Season, I encourage you to purchase things that are potentially non-toxic healthy-friendly ones to promote hormone balance, a healthy gut, and liver, and to prevent future diseases such as cancer.

You see and hear me cover a lot of different types of topics in my newsletters and social postings - everything from the latest science about hormone testing, and diet to sleep, exercise, meditation, and spirituality.

It may not always seem as if these topics have anything in common, but they do. They are all addressing different types of stress that we encounter throughout our day and how to combat it.

Stress isn't just the mental or emotional stress that we initially think of in relation to work, relationships, or traumatic events. Stress is much more than that.

Stress is anything that places a burden on the body.

Whether it's inflammatory foods such as gluten, not getting adequate rest or sleep, under-exercising or over-exercising when your body is already fatigued, toxins in your environment, or physical ailments from misalignments I bones and muscles - it all equates to stress on the body.

When I went through my Functional Diagnostic Nutrition training program, which was way different from my nursing school program, we were taught to identify H.I.D.D.E. N. stressors or malfunction in the: