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Ways to De-Stress During the Workday

Work can be one of the most stressful places we spend time. Especially now, in the middle of a pandemic, with jobs that have had to change to adapt to the times. As we are picking up the slack and transitioning back and forth between home and the office, it will be a lot for anyone to handle. This is why prioritizing mental health and being vigilant about keeping stress at bay is so important. I have a few tried and true tricks up my sleeve to keep stress low and spirits high.

Create your daily plan.

Going into your workday with a plan will give you a sense of purpose and peace. Knowing what you need to get done, in order of importance, is a great way to keep yourself on task. And we know that staying on task creates an even flow throughout the day versus needing to get specific things done in a time crunch before lunch or before leaving for the day. So the idea of pacing ourselves doesn't get enough praise because when done right, it is incredible for keeping stress at bay.