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Your Healthy Autumn Fun

Healthy & Fun Fall Bucket List to Enjoy This Season

Fall is your last chance to get out there before the snow makes it more challenging. When the breeze turns cooler, we're often scrambling to get outside and enjoy the colorful autumn season before we retreat indoors for winter.

I wanted to share a Full Fun Bucket List for you to print off and use over the next month or two before the cold settles in.


Please note: click on the picture above, and you can print this list out!

  • Visit a pumpkin patch and take one home (and roast your pumpkin seeds)

  • Pick some apples (and turn them into a healthy baked apple dessert)

  • Make some healthy chili in your slow cooker (and come home to dinner already done)

  • Take photo of the fall foliage (turn them into canvas prints for gifts for loved ones)

  • Shop at your local farmer's market (and pick seasonal fall veggies to cook in your kitchen)

  • Use your fire pit or build a bonfire (gather around it with loved ones)

  • Go hiking (the autumn surroundings are different even on your favorite trails)

  • Update your skincare routine to be more autumn-friendly (heavier formulas will lock in hydration even as the wind gets chiller)

  • Organize your sweaters and cold weather clothes (donate anything that doesn't fit, or you have had lodged in your closet for years)

  • Make s'mores using dark chocolate (and use a banana instead of graham crackers for low-carb option)

  • Get a good book (and read it outside)

  • Make yourself a healthy warm fall beverage (perfect for better immunity)

  • Have an autumn-themed movie night

  • Make popcorn and season with olive oil and dill for a healthy snack.

  • Make your coffee by sprinkling ground cinnamon on top.

  • Create dried flower bouquets for autumn

  • Look for volunteering opportunities near you.

  • Use cozy essential oils to set the mood (cinnamon and clove are always a great choice)

  • Go for a least one bike ride before the snow covers the trails.

  • Start a journal (and make it about gratitude)

Take this bucket list for healthy fall fun and see how many things you can do before that first snowfall. Hit relay and let me know what you're most excited about.

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