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TO BETTER Vitality

Make your mind up to find out what is really causing your body's vitality problems.  I will show you how to make real-life changes, provide tips, and recipes, and help you increase your energy so you stop feeling tired, and overwhelmed with ongoing body issues like bloating, pain, mental clarity, and stress. 

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My clients become active, positive, productive, influential, and successful people who are living their best life!

Hi, I’m Kathy Morris. I inspire my clients to become vibrant and happy, by coaching wellness the simple way. I can help you finally get to the bottom of your underlying reasons for not feeling well. My belief is that every single person has the power to accomplish whatever they set their mind to.


As a Functional Wellness/Aging Coach, (Functional Diagnostic Nutrition & Bioenergetic Practitioner), I will show you how to make real-life changes, with suggestions and recipes that will increase your energy. If you feel tired, overwhelmed, have ongoing body issues like weight and bloating, pain, mental clarity, sleep problems, hormone issues, and stress, I can inspire you to change and become the best person you can be. Being healthy is not about missing out, but living life with energy, confidence, and health, to the end of your journey.

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I approached Kathy because I had brain fog, was not sleeping well, had allergies and other issues. She provided me with lab tests and helped me get off of the coffee and wheat that were causing my issues. I am feeling so much better and sleeping like a bear in hibernation!


I came to help others because I had an upbringing that included clearing your plate, margarine, sugar, flour, carbohydrates, antibiotics, and a pill for everything that causes pain. I saw family members and friends on medications that lead to more medications, addiction, and death. I started down this path in my forty's after being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition that required using medication for pain, swelling, and deformation. I realized I need to change my nutrition, exercise, and mental health by making small changes in my lifestyle. I advocate eating real food and eliminating as much processed food as possible, and finding harmful chemicals in your environment, beauty products, and food. Taking ownership within your personal life will help you live the best life ever.  

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Kathy uses extensive lab work to support my symptoms, not just guesswork. When talking on the phone with her about my symptoms she said she had a guess what it was but obviously wanted to follow the protocol of testing before treatment. It turns out, after getting my test results back, her assumption was absolutely correct.  She was then able to direct me to a specific protocol for my diagnoses and the results gave me peace of mind knowing I was negative for so many other issues. She also has a support team of doctors and fellow practitioners so you can be sure she is giving you the best information and products.


Today I enjoy my calling to educate, encourage, and help others to feel good from the inside out. I know when you do not feel good you may not know where to start.  

But that ends today, I am here with ONE SIMPLE STEP at a time to start your therapeutic process. As we walk through this journey together, I will help you feel good about your body and yourself. I help clients within 30 miles of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and virtually (online).


I am here with you and for you!


Additional Certification/Training

  • Mold Illness Made Simple Intensive, Dr. Sandeep Guipta, MD

  • Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)/FDN

  • Oxalates/FDN

  • Methylation and Clinical Nutrigenomics, Dr. Ben Lynch

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