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8 Popular Autumn Herbs and How They Benefit Your Health

One of my very favorite parts of autumn is the slew of aromas that are so specific to the season. The warming spices, cinnamon, curries, pumpkin--there's something so comforting about these scents. Interestingly, the herbs and spices we come to rely on for flavoring our fall cooking have some incredible health benefits. Grab them fresh or from your spice rack and get cooking with these eight popular autumn herbs and see how they improve your health.

1. Oregano

Not only is oregano full of antibacterial properties, but it contains a load of iron, manganese, vitamin K, and other antioxidants. Just a little bit of fresh or dried oregano is good for improved immunity and adds zesty flavors to ordinary dishes for extraordinary taste.

2. Ginger

Ginger is another immunity-booster--and one that can help improve your circulation too. It's helpful for digestive troubles and adds aromatic flavors to your food. Take your veggie noodle soup and jazz it up with an Asian feel from this zesty spice. You can even make ginger tea with it, which is perfect for getting cozy on a chilly night.

3. Sage

Add a warm and appealing flavor and aroma to your dishes. Sage is potent, so you won't need much. You'll also love just a little of it with virgin olive oil and zucchini pasta to create a restaurant-worthy dish even on your busiest night of the week.

4. Rosemary

Piney and lemony, rosemary has such a relaxing aroma. It's also antiseptic and great for your health. There are so many ways to cook with fresh or dried rosemary. You can even infuse olive oil with rosemary to make your favorite dishes. It's excellent with all kinds of vegetables, and nothing compares to fresh-baked r