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A large forehead directly correlates with having Celiac's disease and/or gluten sensitivity

Did you ever notice when you are looking at a person's forehead or yourself, how big it maybe?

If so have you been self-conscious about it or feel ultra self-conscious moving forward. Have you changed your hairstyle to luscious locks or bangs around your face?

Did you know that your forehead would provide you with clues about your health?

At times we take for granted or hate things about our bodies that can hold the most valuable clues about our health.

For example, the extra weight you might have put on around the middle can be a big clue for blood sugar imbalances, toxic exposures, chronic stress, and cortisol hormone dysfunction.

Or weight gain in the "lady parts" (aka breast, hips, and butt) strongly correlate with excess estrogen circulating in the body, which can be true for both women and men.

And early signs of gray hair are linked to high stress and low levels of glutathione in the body which is the body's master antioxidant and detoxification nutrient.