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Why You Should Shop the Bulk Aisle From Now On

The bulk aisle in the grocery store might seem a bit overwhelming or confusing at first, or perhaps you might misinterpret what it actually offers. Shopping in the bulk aisle is a great way to save money and the environment, and the quality is sometimes better than the packaged alternatives!

Here are a few of my favorite reasons to take a stroll down the bulk aisle:

It's More Environmentally Friendly

If you have a goal to reduce single-use plastics and be more environmentally friendly this year, the bulk aisle is a great place to start. Shopping in the bulk aisle uses much less waste compared to buying the pre-packaged alternatives. All you need to store bulk items is a bag or container. Most bulk aisles offer plastic bags, but the best practice is to bring your own instead. Bring some mason jars or other reusable containers to the store and put your bulk foods there, if allowed. This way, you aren't using single plastic packaging. Additionally, you only take however much of the ingredient you need, so you'll be reducing your food waste as well.

You'll Save Money

In the bulk aisle, you're only paying for the weight that you decide to buy. This means that you can take only what you need, and therefore, you'll be paying much less than purchasing a standard package size. Additionally, advertising and packaging items cost business quite a lot of money, so bulk items tend to cost much less per unit compared to the same things in a package. Many foods in the bulk aisle are no-brand alternatives, and while you may have a preference for a specific cereal or trail mix brand, other items such as beans, nuts, and seeds don't differ much. You'll be paying much less for the no-brand version than the same food with a fancy brand attached to it. If you're using your own container, make sure to weigh it before putting in any items, or you may get charged for the extra weight.