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Making Resolutions You Will - Actually Keep This Year

5 Recommendations for a Healthy New Year!

Does it seem like the year fly by faster each year? Sometimes I can't believe how fast they go by, and this year is no exception. We get wrapped up in our schedules, and before we know it, we're making holiday plans again with our loved ones.

Same goes for New Year's Resolutions. We proudly proclaim them at then beginning of each year with the best of intentions. We really mean to accomplish them, but nearly all of them fall flat before Spring even hits

There are many reasons why this happens. To stick with your resolutions, you've go to be realistic about your goals. Here are some tips for creating resolutions you'll actually keep so this year you can try making a new resolution instead of the same ones year after year.

1. Set up a reward

Whatever you've decided, be it weight loss or quitting smoking or even both, you're more likely to make a positive change in our behavior if you have a reward waiting down the line. Make your goals manageable, also. Saying that you just want to lose weight has no directions which is why this goal always fizzles out. Make checkpoints along the way if you're going to see those results, and make those rewards unrelated to food.