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Did you know 1 in 3 Women are Estimated to Have a Thyroid Disorder?

Do you of one of your friends that have a diagnosis of hypothyroidism and Hashimoto? Many are shock by this since they have been living a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy, exercising, and being seen as a picture of perfect health.

But when they finally look back over the past few months or years they can see that subtle signs started to surface indicating something was up with their thyroid.....

  • They slowly started putting on weight despite eating healthy and exercising

  • Some felt sluggish during workouts and struggled to recover after

  • Mind fog was setting in with their efficiency at work and they became overwhelmed with tasks.

  • Plus, the comments that they felt cold all the time when others were not.

Several of my clients indicated they simply did not feel themselves.

Initially, they thought they were "just getting older." However, they reach out to find out what was actually going on because sometimes in their head just keep telling them something wasn't right. Many of them just ignored these feelings at first but eventually, they came to a point where it was so uncomfortable within their bodies they needed to find out the answers