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Did you know 1 in 3 Women are Estimated to Have a Thyroid Disorder?

Do you of one of your friends that have a diagnosis of hypothyroidism and Hashimoto? Many are shock by this since they have been living a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy, exercising, and being seen as a picture of perfect health.

But when they finally look back over the past few months or years they can see that subtle signs started to surface indicating something was up with their thyroid.....

  • They slowly started putting on weight despite eating healthy and exercising

  • Some felt sluggish during workouts and struggled to recover after

  • Mind fog was setting in with their efficiency at work and they became overwhelmed with tasks.

  • Plus, the comments that they felt cold all the time when others were not.

Several of my clients indicated they simply did not feel themselves.

Initially, they thought they were "just getting older." However, they reach out to find out what was actually going on because sometimes in their head just keep telling them something wasn't right. Many of them just ignored these feelings at first but eventually, they came to a point where it was so uncomfortable within their bodies they needed to find out the answers

Some went to their primary care physicians for help but never had their thyroid checked. So, we as a team looked into all the background information and came up with a plan to check the right lab tests to seek answers. Unfortunately, not all women and men, who are diagnosed with thyroid disorders, are provided the right labs and seek out an FDNP coach to help them look into the root cause of their symptoms.

Most people who are diagnosed are immediately prescribed thyroid medication, which can provide immediate relief for those who are suffering, but medication is not necessarily a long-term solution and it certainly does not solve the root of the problem. In fact, medication can become less effective over time as the thyroid continues to deteriorate as a result of the root cause not being addressed, and over-medicating can trigger secondary hypothyroidism.

Medication doesn't address why you might have low thyroid hormone in the first place, and if you have an autoimmune disorder it doesn't stop the boy from attaching healthy tissue; that's simply not the mechanism of thyroid medication.

The food new is, there are natural ways to support your thyroid health, prevent thyroid issues from happening, and even reverse an existing thyroid disorder.

If you are struggling with symptoms or think you are having a thyroid issue, click on the link below for a guide. Sign Up Here Below:

If you suspect that you need additional support, my team of experts works to resolve any underlying health issues and maximize your lifespan using a personalized system. Your goals will be my goals as we walk through your journey together towards healthy optimization. So, what are you waiting for - Spring is around the corner,

Schedule a call today; you will not regret feeling better in the future.

For additional information: Join the Learning to Live a Vibrant Life Thrive Group; many new things will be happening in March. We will be doing a Daily Walking Challenge, along with Eat Healthier without Dieting. You will also have the experience of learning informative wellness information and discussions, including body, mind, and spirit, that will improve your vitality of life and your families. Just click on the picture below, and you will be on your way to better vitality.

You can find me at the following:

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