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Fall Inspired Breakfast Ideas

There's nothing like a warm, healthy breakfast on a chilly morning to help you start your day right. It's time to switch out those smoothies for something cozier this season -- here are some breakfast ideas for fall so that you can enjoy the fall flavors while still getting in a healthy breakfast that will fuel you until lunch.


Oatmeal is the easiest, quickest, and most versatile breakfast staple. You can let your steel-cut oats cook overnight in a slow-cooker and wake up with a healthy, warm breakfast waiting for you. Add any topics you like, but definitely try some baked apples and cinnamon for the ultimate fall flavors. The fiber from the oats and apples will keep you full, while the cinnamon will sweeten it up without adding any sugar. Sprinkle with some toasted pecans for some healthy fats, and you have a perfectly balanced breakfast that will hit the spot.