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The Natural First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit on hand can help to bandage up accidents quickly and efficiently. Keeping one in your home is a priority and having one to keep in the trunk of you car can come in handy, too. Believe me I know, working as an Occupation Nurse for a company with over 500 employees, a quick grab, of my trauma bag with everything in it, is very important and very timely. Plus, as far a supplies in my car, on occasion at a sporting event or just driving along, I have needed to use my kit.

Just to be clear -- these tips are for minor cuts and bruises. If someone has been injured, don't delay getting proper medical attention. For other common occurrences that aren't severe, you can keep your natural first aid kit on hand to use at a moment's notice.

- Soothe Burns

For those occasions you accidentally touch the edge of your baking sheet after you pull it out of the oven, resulting in a minor burn. Aloe vera gel is a great and natural solution to soothe burns of this type. You can also use calendula or an oil with St. John's wort, though aloe vera gel (the real stuff) is extremely easy to find and keep stashed for these purposes. You could even keep an aloe plant in your home, for decoration, like I do, for that purpose.

- Calm seasonal allergies

When that pollen gets in the air, you might feel pretty miserable. If you want to rely on somet