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Exercise is Typically a Good Stress Unless the Body is Already Under a LOT of STRESS

Taking time off from a vigorous workout regimen is something most people rarely do because they think it was the only way to maintain their weight and feel good.

However, though I have learned from my own and my client's health journey that to value rest days and breaks from my typical workout routine more than diet and exercise because of the massive results they can help you achieve.

So for a week off, you may find a way to get your health back, to feeling like yourself again. But, you may find that this is not an easy thing to do if you are a competitive person who genuinely likes to be active to sweat it out and use exercise as an escape, that this is not easy to do.


When we exercise our bodies build stronger bones and muscles. We also get the added benefits of eliminating toxins through the lymphatic system and sweat, amount other things. All of this is obviously good.

However, when the body is already under a tremendous amount of stress from external or internal factors and existing health issues, exercise can deplete it even more.

Exercise demands a lot from the body in terms of nutrients to rebuild muscle tissue, to build bone density, and for oxygen and blood delivery.