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Eating to Maintain Balanced Blood Sugar Levels

Whether you have prediabetes, type 1 or 2, or simply want to be mindful about staying as healthy as possible, choosing the right foods can help you keep a proper balance with your blood sugar. When you keep these levels on an even keel, you'll feel fuller for longer without going into blood sugar crash territory.

A typical misconception is you need to avoid sugar to avoid blood sugar issues. While eating a large amount of sugar is certainly something to avoid, simple carbohydrates are at the forefront of what you should be keeping an eye on when paring our meals. These turn into sugar in the blood, and when eaten in abundance without pairing your meals properly, it can send you into a blood sugar spike quickly.

Pairing your complex carbohydrates with proteins and other healthy items will help your body break those carbohydrates down slower, maintaining a balanced blood sugar longer.

Here are a few food items to add to your mix to keep your blood sugar as balanced and healthy as possible.

Colorful Veggies

No surprise here that vegetables are at the top of this list. Have them raw, cooked, or roasted. Choosing low-carb options from the produce section will keep your blood sugar balanced, plus you'll get plenty of other nutrients. Look for Brussels sprouts, zucchini, eggplant, and mushrooms.

Gorgeous Greens

Yes, they're vegetables too, but greens deserve their own section because they are incredible for balanced blood sugar and overall wellness. Spinach, kale, and swiss chard can all be the base of your next salad. You can even roast kale in the oven to make healthy chips (they taste amazing).

Infused Water

It's time to make a switch for those of you who drink sugary juices or sodas. Simply ending that habit can improve your blood sugar quite quickly. Get a water bottle with an infuser and add fresh fruits or vegetables to it. Lemon and cucumber are delightful ways to boost flavor and nutrition profile.

Berries and Melon

Craving something sweet? Learn to embrace the joy that juicy fruits like fresh berries or melon can bring. Mix them with plain yogurt for a creamier treat, or enjoy them as-is for plenty of fiber and nutrients without causing trouble for your blood sugar.

Fabulous Fiber

Dried beans, lentils, and peas are wonderful ways to round out any meal. Try mixing black beans with fresh salsa to enjoy with your other vegetables to get more flavorful and textural sensations.

Add Fat

Healthy fats are an essential component of any diet. Have an avocado or some salmon to add healthy fats to your meals. Nuts and seeds also deliver the essential fats your brain craves.

Power Up with Protein

There are so many ways to get protein into your diet. Choosing eggs, lean meats, Greek yogurt, and cottage cheese are good bets. For vegetarian protein options, go with seitan, tempeh, quinoa, and nuts.

With all these foods, don't forget to explore your creativity. Choose fresh ingredients and find ways to combine them for nutritious and healthy meals you'll love to eat each week!

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