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Healthy Habits to Start the New Year Off Right

The new year is the perfect time to start building healthy habits. It feels like a fresh start, it's right after the busy holiday season, and we (hopefully) feel rested and re-energized, ready to get back on track. Whether you want to eat healthier or improve your mental well-being, here are some healthy habits that you can focus on in the new year.

If the first and last thing you do every day is browsing your phone and checking work emails, try to make a habit of limiting your screen time. When you wake up in the morning, try not to check your phone or laptop for the first half-hour. Instead, use that time for yourself. Set your goals and intentions for the day, make a healthy breakfast, or do your morning workout routine. Before bed, set your phone aside and take time to unwind and relax. This will increase productivity, decrease stress, help you sleep better, and improve your mood.

The holidays are full of good company and good food, but the new year is the perfect time to start using your kitchen again. Not only will cooking your meals save you money, but it will also help you get back on track with your regular routine. You can choose your ingredients, understand what you're eating (and how much), and eat a balanced diet full of all the nutrients you need. If you struggle to cook, start by making one meal or preparing your snacks at home, and stick to easy recipes until you feel more comfortable.

Move Your Body

One of the most common healthy habits we attempt to start in the new year, but it never gets any less critical. Incorporating any form of movement into your day, even if it's just pacing around the house while talking on the phone. If you have a lunch break, use that time to walk or do some stretches. If you can, take your exercise outdoors to get some fresh air and clear your mind.

Practice Self-Care and Hygiene

Whether getting a manicure or cooking a healthy, delicious dinner for yourself, try to practice more self-care this year. If you find it difficult to do these acts of self-care, start with building small but significant hygiene habits, such as a nightly skin routine. Sometimes, it can be challenging to find the motivation or energy, but these small steps will tremendously help your mental and physical well-being.

Establish a Sleep Schedule

Sleep is an essential part of health and well-being, but many of us tend to ignore our body's need for rest. Try to stick to a sleep schedule that gives you 7-8 hours of sleep each night. You should be going to sleep and waking up around the exact times each day, regardless of if it's a weekday or weekend. By helping your body establish a natural sleep-wake cycle, so you get good quality sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep, try to cut down on the caffeine and put your screens away at least an hour before bed.

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