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Why it's beneficial to eat with the seasons

If you’ve ever tried buying summer fruits in the middle of winter, then you know how expensive and tasteless they can be. Eating produce in season is so much better for your health, wallet, and the planet. It cannot be very clear when you first start, so I’ve laid out some tips on eating with the seasons and why it is so beneficial.

An easy way to know what’s in season is to buy your groceries at a local farmer’s market. Not only are you supporting your local farmers this way, but you are also getting the freshest produce possible. Your fruits and veggies aren’t going through days of transportation and sitting in storage like they would at the big grocery stores. Buying local is also beneficial for the environment. Your produce doesn’t need to be transported, so you are reducing your carbon footprint. If you have a yard, you can even plant a few of your own fruits and veggies.

The fruits and veggies in season will depend on where you live. Typically, apples, root vegetables, and starchy vegetables such as butternut squash, potatoes, and pumpkin are in the fall and winter season. In the summer, you have many more options for fresh produce. Berries, cucumbers, peaches, watermelon, and tomatoes all grow in the summer months. A quick search on the internet will tell you what specific foods are in the season where you live. Write down a list and take it with you when you are food shopping.

Find new recipes and plan. Eating with the seasons can feel overwhelming when you first start, and you might feel limited with your food options. Research some new recipes that you can try out with your seasonal produce. Soon you’ll find that you’re actually getting more creative with your meals and trying products that you may have never tried before. Eating seasonally during the winter months can be more difficult, but remember that not .. must consume all your food fresh. Most summer fruits, such as berries and peaches, freeze very well. You can also pickle many vegetables.

Eating with the seasons is economical, better for the environment, and supports local farmers, but it’s also better for you. It is the easiest way to save money on your grocery bill because produce in season is always more inexpensive. Also, fruits and veggies in the season don’t need to be sprayed with preservatives or waxed to keep fresh. If you’ve ever tried produce that’s not in season, you know that it usually lacks flavor.

Transporting produce across the country is complicated, and suppliers need to prioritize a long shelf life. That usually means involving genetic modification, hormones, and preservatives. Unfortunately, this modification affects the flavor as well as the nutritional value of your food.

Eating with the seasons can make you more conscious of your food choices, which can help with eating more mindfully. Eating varieties of food is recommended because it’s the easiest and healthiest way to get all of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs. So next time you go on a grocery run, pick up some in-season items and enjoy the bursts of flavor.

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This month's healthy food video recipe: Stuffed Avocado

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